[Webinar] 3 Uses of a Landing Page to Improve Fundraising Campaign Results

Not only does an Event or Landing Page create emotional impact and improve conversion rates for your fundraising campaigns, but they also streamline your promotional efforts and donor experience. Register for our live 3 Uses of a Landing Page to Improve Fundraising Campaign Results where our experts will walk you through three unique ways to use a Landing Page (including one that might surprise you!) to reach and inspire more donors, reinforce your call-to-action and create an indispensable hub for all your marketing efforts. We’ll walk you through all the easy-to-set-up design elements and hear from a nonprofit, like yours, on their successful results using an Event Landing Page.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why Event and Landing Pages are so effective
  • The 3 ways Event and Landing Pages can substantially boost fundraising results
  • How even small nonprofits can implement an effective strategy
  • Firsthand experience from a nonprofit on using an Event Landing Page for its gala

Lee Ann De Reus, PhD, Executive Director of DV LEAP
Laurel Lane, Account Manager at MobileCause

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