On-Demand Webinar

Is your organization’s storytelling, the reason donors should support your cause(s), optimized to stand out and inspire donors during the busiest, most competitive, and most crucial giving season for your nonprofit? 

Watch our FREE webinar, Storytelling Strategies to Maximize Your Year-End Fundraising, where we do a deep dive into how to tell your nonprofit’s story in a way that reaches more donors and motivates more giving during the last few weeks of the year. We’ll also explore expert ways to share your story so your cause stays top of mind.  

You'll explore: 

  • Storytelling strategies that compel donors to join your cause 
  • How to create a stronger narrative for your organization  
  • Effective online tools for sharing your Year-End storytelling 
  • Insider tips and strategies to maximize Year-End results  

Lindsey Sandoval, Digital Fundraising Strategist, MobileCause 
Corey Blake, Digital Fundraising Strategist, MobileCause