New Era of Fundraising:
How to Restructure Your Fundraising Strategy
When Traditional Methods are No Longer Working

Let’s face it: traditional, reliable giving strategies are no longer working. With a new kind of donor, new policy shifting the environment and a new generation of consumers, nonprofits need to rethink their methods for growth, and how to make themselves relevant to a wider donor base.

Join us on Wednesday, March 13th for a complimentary webinar that tackles this new world of fundraising we are in, and how you can overcome its challenges.

What you'll learn:

  • How the rollercoaster of Q4 2018 changed the way we have to look at fundraising in 2019
  • Giving trends we saw in 2018 that are continuing in 2019
  • How to bake those trends into a game plan for success
  • New ways to approach fundraising 

Bethany Maki, Vice President, Business Solutions at ForwardPMX
Corey Blake, Digital Marketing Strategist at MobileCause