Receive a Free iPad for Helping Other Nonprofits!*


Know other nonprofits looking to scale their missions? Our "MobileCause Gives Back" program will give YOU an Amazon gift card or iPad* by helping us help other nonprofit organizations raise more through online and event fundraising. 

If you refer a nonprofit to MobileCause, we will send you a $100 Amazon gift card, provided your referral becomes a customer within 90 days of you submitting the referral. If you submit three referrals that become customers within 90 days, we will give you a new Apple iPad or $300 Amazon gift card. It's our way of saying thank you!

If you're interested in participating in our program, please provide the following:

*To be eligible to receive a $100 Amazon gift card or Apple iPad, you must complete and submit through the MobileCause Gives Back referral form the contact information of one or more individuals employed by or associated with a nonprofit organization. Any other form of submission will not be accepted and is not eligible for the MobileCause Gives Back program. By submitting the referral form, you give permission for MobileCause to share with the referred individuals how we obtained their information. Rewards will not be provided if the nonprofit organization submitted is already or has been a customer of MobileCause. If the eligible referred nonprofit organization  becomes a MobileCause customer within 90 days of you submitting the referral form, MobileCause will send you a $100 Amazon gift card. If three eligible organizations you submit through the referral form become MobileCause customers within 90 days of form submission, MobileCause will provide you a new Apple iPad with Wi-Fi connection and 32GB memory or the equivalent. All additional accessories, Wi-Fi data plans, and account connectivity will be the responsibility of the winner. All federal, state and local taxes associated with the receipt or use of the prize is solely the responsibility of the winner.