Watch Our Webinar On-Demand

Planning and hosting a fundraising event is a busy and stressful time – there are essentials that can easily be overlooked or mistakes you can make that will greatly impact your fundraising results.

Watch our on-demand webinar, 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Fundraising Event, where we do a deep dive into the missteps we see most and the actions you can take before, during and after to ensure you don't make them so you can maximize results for your fundraising event. 

We share:

  • Top fundraising event mistakes and how you can get them right
  • Practical strategies to boost attendance and reach 
  • Communication tips and tools you may be missing
  • The #1 thing nonprofits can do to increase in-event giving 


  • Laurel Lane, Account Manager, MobileCause
  • Corey Blake, Digital Fundraising Strategist, MobileCause