[Webinar] Cultivate Donor Loyalty with the Perfect Thank You

You’ve done the hard work of bringing in new #GivingTuesday and Year-End donations. The next step is to build trust and long-term donor retention. Nothing does this better than a heartfelt thank you showing donors your gratitude. Our live webinar, Cultivate Donor Loyalty with the Perfect Thank You is a deep dive into the best ways of crafting an unforgettable thank you letter. We’ll also explore other creative and often overlooked ways to let your donors know they are appreciated. Make your donors feel confident in giving while creating a sense of connection and community that cultivates repeat giving for years to come.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why thank yous are key to increasing donor retention
  • The 5 steps to craft a killer thank you message
  • How to increase visibility while acknowledging donors
  • Creative strategies to endear donors to your cause

Gail Perry, President of Gail Perry Fundraising Associates
Lindsey Himphill, Digital Fundraising Strategist, MobileCause