Webinar: Creative Peer-to-Peer Campaigns that Attract and Engage Donors

Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the best ways to expand your nonprofit’s reach so you can attract new donors, and we're not simply talking about run/walks or athletic events. There are many effective ways to use peer-to-peer fundraising to help you reach, and exceed, your goals.

During the webinar, Creative Peer-to-Peer Campaigns That Attract & Engage Donors you'll discover fun ways to get your supporters fundraising on your behalf. We’ll discuss ideas used by real nonprofits like favorite chef contests, dancing with the stars, favorite cute animal and more. Then, one small nonprofit provides all the details on their Walk Around Mars peer-to-peer campaign, including how they raised over $36,000 without any expenses! 

What you’ll come away with:

  • How peer-to-peer can fire up your fundraising
  • Real-world examples of creative peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • How to motivate and inspire your ambassadors
  • An inside look at one nonprofit’s fun and successful peer-to-peer campaign


  • Wyatt Lee, Vice President, Mars Planet Foundation 
  • Corey Blake, Digital Fundraising Strategist, MobileCause

Watch it today and be ready to rock an exciting new peer-to-peer campaign!