The Overlooked Way to Amplify Your #GivingTuesday Results

GivingTuesday is not only an opportunity to help raise donations for your cause, but it’s also a great way to bring in more new donors–and you may be missing out on the one fundraising strategy that does this best.  

Watch our on-demand webinar, The Overlooked Way to Amplify Your #GivingTuesday Results, where we share why nonprofits of all sizes benefit by using volunteer ambassadors to maximize their #GT impact. We look at the 7 easy steps to setup, recruit and run an effective #GivingTuesday peer-to-peer campaign that cuts through the noise, broadens your reach and increases giving.   

We share:

  • How ambassadors can effortlessly fire up your #GivingTuesday results  

  • Actionable steps to set volunteer ambassadors up for success  

  • #GivingTuesday promotional strategies that save time and boost visibility  

  • Insider #GivingTuesday peer-to-peer strategies from a successful nonprofit 

Watch now! 

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